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Solar Energy Consultant Job Description.

We are looking to for a passionate solar energy consultant to join our growing solar installation company. As a solar energy consultant, you will have the first contact with our customers, providing them with information about our products and the benefits of going solar. Your duties will include analyzing the needs of the customer, calculating resources, preparing quotes, demonstrating our products, and providing after-sales support. You may also be required to visit customer sites and consult on larger installations.

To ensure success as a solar energy consultant, you should have excellent interpersonal skills, a passion for solar energy, and a solid background in sales. Ultimately, providing superior customer service well building great rapport with customers and provide them with tailor-made solar solutions.

Solar Energy Consultant:

Providing customers with information about company equipment and solar systems.
Demonstrating company solar products in a working environment.
Gathering information to accurately identify the customer’s solar needs.
Selecting solar energy products and systems to best suit the customer’s needs.
Preparing or reviewing designs for the customer’s solar installation.
Creating fully customized energy packagers for large-scale solar installations.
Providing customers with quotes, sales orders, shipping information, and tax credit information.
Providing after-sales service including courtesy calls and site visits.
Following up on sales quotes from other members of the sales team.
Completing sales order paperwork.
Generating potential leads for new accounts.